Cedric Dumont


Red Bull Athlete and High-Performance Psychologist


Born in Brussels, Belgium, Cedric has always been involved in action and adventure sports.
Cedric is a pioneer in basejumping and wingsuit flying and is member of the RedBull team since 2000.
"This is all about freedom, commitment and pushing your limits, it takes me to amazing places, teaches me respect for the environment and others, motivates me to improve, and keeps me humble on those high gravity days."
Beside being an action sports athlete, Cedric is also graduated in High Performance Psychology, fluent in French, English, Dutch, German, and Spanish, he started by giving fellow professional athletes the mental edge and skills necessary to achieve their goals and unleash their full potential.
Cedric brings a advanced vision and inspirational perspective to High Performance Psychology.
In extreme environments where one is expected to deliver and assess risks, hyper-awareness has been the foundation to his consistent performance and survival, it's flow or die!
"It’s all about living a comprehensive lifestyle and being in the present moment.  This includes energy management and feeding the mind with healthy insights and generating positive thoughts."
Cedric splits his time between leading expeditions, flying, speaking, writing and consutling for elite athletes and major companies all over the world.

His main focus is to show that performance and productivity can only be achieved with a purpose-driven mindset, passion and presence.